Vision-Centric Strategic Planning, Dr. Robert A. Sevier, New

Vision-Centric Strategic Planning for Colleges and Universities presents a new approach to strategic planning that is vision-centric, directly addresses the realities of today’s dynamic marketplace, and emphasizes campus involvement and ownership at every step.

In light of today’s unstable and competitive resource base, the model also stresses the need to prioritize goals, action plans, and budgets and the importance of continually measuring and communicating plan progress to the campus community.

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Written for college and university presidents and their senior teams, Row uses a powerful metaphor – rowing – to describe the dynamics of a successful team. The book follows a series of conversations between a young president and a seasoned leader who is also a former rower. Over time, the young president grows in his appreciation for how teams are built and led. He then applies these lessons to his own senior team with amazing success.

Row addresses specific team-building problems and includes specific remedies and tools for enhancing team effectiveness. Row is accompanied by a comprehensive study guide.

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Building Brand Momentum presents an intuitive four-step process for building an effective brand strategy for colleges and universities. The steps include: 1) Make a promise that matters; 2) Communicate your promise; 3) Live your brand promise; and 4) Strengthen your brand promise. Recognizing the tight budgets on many campuses, it then presents numerous examples for building long-term brand momentum with a special emphasis on unpaid media.

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An Integrated Marketing Workbook outlines a step-by-step integrated marketing planning process that will take a planning team from initial goal creation through the major components of a marketing plan including winning internal support for marketing, audience identification, the definition of target geographies, the creation of vivid descriptors/brand attributes, and the completion of integrated marketing action plans. This book also takes a comprehensive look a developing a marketing budget.

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